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Updating Your Professional Art Practice 

Webinar Series

This week's topic:

Promotion & Gallery Connections with Susan Hoffer

April 27 | 7pm

Get to know the ins and outs of a successful gallery practice. 

Join painter Susan Hoffer, currently featured in a solo exhibition in 

View's Eco Gallery, as she shares strategies on how to promote 

your practice and successfully build relationships with galleries.

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Other FREE Professional Practice Webinars

Every Thursday from April 20 – June 1 | 7pm | Free

In conjunction with the Central Adirondack Art Show, we will be hosting a series of free webinars that will help you develop the professional side of your artistic practice. These webinars will focus on what to do after you've created your work and want to share it.

The full list of scheduled webinar in the Professional Practice series is below:

April 27 | 7pm - Promotion & Gallery Connections - Register for this webinar here

May 4 | 7pm - Successful Online Submissions - Register for this webinar here

May 6 | 12-3pm - Artist Open House & Portfolio Review (In person at View) 

May 11 | 7pm - Photographing Your Work - Register for this webinar here

May 18 | 7pm - Hanging, Installation, & Framing - Register for this webinar here

May 25 | 7pm - Writing Artist Statements - Register for this webinar here

June 1 | 7pm - Shipping & Packaging - Register for this webinar here

Webinar descriptions with instructors:

April 27 -  Promotion & Gallery Connections - Susan Hoffer  

Get to know the in’s and outs of a successful gallery practice. Join painter Susan Hoffer, currently featured in a solo exhibition in View’s Eco Gallery, as she shares strategies on how to promote your practice and successfully build relationships with galleries. 

Register for this webinar here

May 4 - Successful Online Submissions - Kelsey Lynn Mayo

This webinar will feature a step-by-step overview of how to apply to calls on CaFE. This process will be helpful both for those new to online submissions and those more experienced. Register for this webinar here

May 6 - 12–3pm - Artist Open House & Portfolio Review at View

Join us at View for an Artist Open House! Enjoy refreshments, meet other artists, and connect with gallery visitors interested in learning more about your work. View’s Exhibition Manager, Kelsey Lynn Mayo, will be on hand to answer questions and offer portfolio reviews to any artist interested in getting feedback on their work and improving their practice.  

May 11 - Photographing Your Work - Travis Kiefer and Kelsey Lynn Mayo

Travis Kiefer, View’s Marketing Manager, joins Exhibition Manager, Kelsey Lynn Mayo, to explore best practices in photographing your artwork. This session will include tips and tricks regarding lighting, angles, and editing to help every artist improve the images they use for submissions. Register for this webinar here

May 18 - Hanging, Installation, & Framing - Diane Davis & Kelsey Lynn Mayo

Diane and Kelsey will demonstrate proper framing techniques, and share some key do’s and don’ts to ensure that your framed work is safe and secure, and ready for installation in any exhibition. Register for this webinar here

May 25 - Writing Artist Statements - Kelsey Lynn Mayo

Kelsey Lynn Mayo, Views Exhibition Manager, will walk you through how to write a proper artist statement, and help individuals prepare their statements for entry to open calls and for their own marketing. Register for this webinar here

June 1 - Shipping & Packaging- Susan Cox and Kelsey Lynn Mayo

Renowned glass artist Susan Cox and Exhibition Manager and glass artist Kelsey Lynn Mayo will demonstrate techniques for packaging fragile sculpture and framed work to avoid damage during shipping. Different boxing methods and shipping materials will also be discussed. Register for this webinar here

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