Signature Members, keep those brushes dancing!


Silver Medallion Members

 The Silver Medallion membership status recognition, along with the permanent Gold Medallion designation, were goals established by the CNYWS Board of Directors in 2011. The program was initiated to encourage Signature member artists, already found excellent in the eyes of the CNYWS Jury of Selection, to continue growing in their knowledge of watercolor and to be consistent in their support of the CNYWS Annual Signature shows and the annual Juried Exhibitions.

   To earn the Silver Medallion, a Signature member must have entered new work in consecutive exhibitions to total 4 Signature Shows (2 each year) and have been juried into the two Juried Shows during that same time frame. It takes two years to achieve the Silver Medallion. Recognition of this achievement is traditionally made at our annual CNYWS business meeting. If the "chain" of entries is broken, the member must then begin the entire process over, if desired; i.e., earning Silver, then completing the chain with achieving Gold.

Gold Medallion Members

   The Gold Medallion membership status recognition is awarded to those Silver Medallion members who have continued to exhibit in the two Signature Shows each of the two years following their Silver Medallion award, as well as have their work juried into the annual Juried Exhibits held during those years with no lapses.The work to acquire a continuous chain of entries for the Gold Medallion status takes a total of four years and entails a grand total of eight Signature Shows and four Juried Exhibitions (grand total of 12 exhibits with no omissions).  Gold Medallions are traditionally awarded at our annual business meeting.This achievement is permanent as long as members remain in good standing.

  At all public CNYWS exhibits there will be both Silver and Gold Medallion designations 

displayed next to the respective artists' works.


                                         CNYWS SILVER and GOLD MEDALLION RECIPIENTS

                                              SILVER                                                        GOLD

2012                                Jane Grace Taylor

2013                                Bud Bolte 

                                         Martha Deming

                                         Barbara Kellogg


2014                                  Barbara Bickford                               Jane Grace Taylor

                                           Katharine Kernan

                                           Heather G. Abrams

                                           Judith Hand

                                           Geraldine Meday


2015                                   Karen Harris                                      Bud Bolte

                                            Pamela Lynch                                   Martha Deming

                                            Sue Murphy                                       Barbara Kellogg


2016                                  Sandra De Visser                                Barbara Bickford                              

                                                                                                        Katharine Kernan

                                                                                                        Heather G. Abrams

                                                                                                        Judith Hand

                                                                                                        Geraldine Meday

2017                                   David Colon, Jr.                                  Karen Harris

                                            Katie Turner                                        Pamela Lynch

                                                                                                         Sue Murphy

2018                                     Judith Levins                                     Sandra De Visser

2019                                      Keith Leonard                                   Katie Turner

                                              Lorraine Van Hatten

2020                                      Mary P. Murphy                                 Judith Levins

                                              Jeanne Lampson

2021                                       Christy Lemp                                   Lorraine Van Hatten

2022                                                                                                 Jeanne Lampson

                                                                                                          Mary P. Murphy

2023                                 Amy Cunningham-Waltz

                                                 Eric Shute


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